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Fundraiser Yard Sale, August 18th


         NAVAH RAPHAEL (Animal Healer), shall be SPONSORING a YARD SALE for the non-profit organization, ANGEL HANZ FOR THE HOMELESS, INC.  ANGEL HANZ never forgets about the pets!

Address: 731 N. Niagara
               Burbank 91505
Time:      9:00 am - 2 pm Saturday
Date:      August the18th

We shall be having clothing, monitor/keyboard/mouse, CDs, Yoga and Hair Salon Gift Certificates, New Remo percussion instrument with Remo T-Shirt, etc.

We are NEEDING for folks to bring items to DONATE for FUNDS regarding this event a week prior to date!

You may also DONATE your UNWELCOMED board games, chess, checkers, dominos, MINI BATTERY OPERATED GAMES, bubbles, jacks, and (toys/blankets/collars/leashes/dog/cat food), for THE homeless PETS.

THIS WOULD BE APPRECIATED AS THESE ITEMS SHALL BE given TO THE HOMELESS and their PETS for the September 30th Gathering.

A MAGIC SHOW will be taking place as ANGEL HANZ wants to create Fun, Games and Laughter for the Homeless and their Pets Day!

Contact: or Karen "ANGEL HANZ" Hamza at 818.358.3663

You may donate to Paypal/$10 of Hope

Karen "ANGEL HANZ" is in need of an experienced VOLUNTEER to help with GRANT WRITING!