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Angel Hanz for the Homeless and their Animal Companions

Angel Hanz One of a Kind Online Newspaper

for the Homeless and their Animal Companions
Written, Edited, Published by Karen Hamza

Copyright © 2009 by, Angel Hanz for the Homeless AKA Karen Hamza
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Please support the life-changing work of Angel Hanz for the Homeless.
There are several ways you can help:

We are immensely grateful for all of your support.

Fundraiser July 5th

Please visit our amazing fundraiser at Hamburger Mary's
Lots of fun and a chance to win amazing gift baskets, while supporting our organization!

A special thanks!

We would like to give a special thanks to Edward, who fixed our much-needed canopy for our gatherings. 
Thank you so much! :D 

E.P.S. Welding Service, (Edward)
7618 woodman Ave. unit #9
Panorama City, CA.  91402