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About the Founder

Karen Hamza is the founder and creative force that drives ANGEL HANZ FOR THE HOMELESS, INC., a non-profit dedicated to helping homeless people and their animals in Los Angeles.

Karen knows what it feels like to be alone and without support, as several years ago she was faced with homelessness.  As a result, she is driven to help others who are faced with loneliness, poverty and homelessness.  Karen is also a dedicated pet lover.  Karen has dedicated her life's work to assisting unfortunate folks and their pets.

ANGEL HANZ FOR THE HOMELESS, INC. is a grassroots organization built by Karen Hamza.  Her philosophy is that every pet and every person should be treated with respect and dignity.  Her perspective on homelessness allows her to assist the homeless in an agile, effective manner.  She is an advocate for human and animal rights who will do just about anything to better the life of another living creature.

Beyond Angel Hanz, Karen has facilitated domestic violence groups, works in the healing arts, and practices yoga.  Karen is also the first to author a resource guide to enable homeless and their pets acquire numerous resources.  Content in her guidebook includes information on food pantries, shelters, and pet resources.  She is the parent of  two beautiful dogs.