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Animal Advocates Radio:"Voices Carry for Animals #195"- Karen Hamza

KCET Channel 28 video by Peter King 

Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden - 
Angel Hanz for the Homeless Audio

Angel Hanz for the Homeless has been featured on ABC7 News.

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Thanks to Jeff Fleiss for your support of Angel Hanz for the Homeless 
and for your wonderful videos:

Click the links below to see how Angel Hanz for the Homeless changes lives.

Interview in West Hollywood with Pasqual
Voices Carry for Animals #9
Marti Oakley Host, Co-Host Debbie Dahmer Talk Radio Show with Karen Hamza aka Angel Hanz and Maxime Ginolin aka Magic Jack

Click on link to hear audio.

 Amazing Angel The Puppy - January 2014


Angel Hanz Assists Animals and People


Rob Ekno Christian Talk Radio Show, interviewing Angel Hanz For The Homeless

Angel Hanz - Animal Crisis

KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO is proud to honor the KNX Hero Of The Week, people who have made extraordinary contributions to our community or performed heroic actions in a time of need./p

Click here to hear the audio of the KNX talk radio show.

Capital of Glitz and Homelessness

ANGEL HANZ on KKLA Radio Christian Talk Show 99.5 FM

Angel Hanz Speaking at St. Patrick's School on April 3rd

Channel 7 Los Angeles Angel Hanz for the Homeless Feature

"The Sound 100.3 FM Classic Rock Interview by Tina with Angel Hanz for the Homeless"

Click on link to hear the radio talk show:

  "Homeless Dogs and Their Owners- Forever 

Angel Hanz for the Homeless Presentation Video

"Homeless Occupy the Woods - RT Re-visits Tent 

"Homeless Camps in the US on the Rise"
"Angel Hanz For The Homeless $10 of Hope Campaign"