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Angel Hanz Live on Blog Talk Radio - July 21st at 5 p.m.

 Debbie Dahmer will host this show featuring Angel Hanz for the Homeless.

Click this link to listen to the show live on Monday, July 21 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time or to hear the recording.

Angel Hanz on Voices Carry for Animals/Blog Talk Radio

Homeless people and homeless pets find each other and live on the streets together.  Each comforts and protects the other.  These attachments are profoundly emotional.  With the help of Angel Hanz and other like groups, there is hope that both people and pets can be rescued  to live better lives.
Angel Hanz for the Homeless

Our Mission
Angel Hanz For The Homeless, is 501c-3 non-profit dedicated to bettering the lives of homeless individuals and their pets through a solutions-based approach.

North Hollywood Gathering - July 27th

ANGEL HANZ will be supplying  
Blankets for the homeless and Pet Food for their pets.

Be sure to BRING your PETS and KEEP them on LEASHES.
All of our EVENTS begin at 1:00 pm.  It is IMPORTANT to be on TIME!!!

Our monthly gatherings are held at North Hollywood Park 

11455 Magnolia Blvd. (Library side, near the underpass)
North Hollywood, CA 91601

 We always appreciate additional VOLUNTEERS!!  
Call 818.358.3663 if you would like to help or if you would like more information.

If you can't lend a hand that day, you can donate via PayPal

P.O. BOX 10716, Burbank, CA 91510

We never forget about the pets” 

PLEASE SHARE - Rex Needs a Foster or Forever Home

Please share to help sweet senior Rex find a FOSTER or FUREVER HOME and to raise funds for his boarding.

Rex is looking for a home.

Rex was with two homeless folks when Angel Hanz met him on the street.  The next day, Angel Hanz went back and, thank God, Rex was still there.  Angel Hanz took Rex to the vet for boarding and medical care as he was freezing and having a difficult time walking.  Rex is believed to be 14 years old.
Rex is a cute, adorable senior dog.  He weighs about 40 pounds and is neutered.  Thanks to Angel Hanz, he has had a flea bath and is up to date on his shots.  
Rex needs a home where he can curl up in a nice warm bed in a nice warm house and enjoy his retirement years.  
He is still in boarding at the vet and donations are needed to cover his boarding costs.  Please contact Blue Cross Pet Hospital, 5505 Tujunga Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91601 (818) 980-1313