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North Hollywood Gathering - March 29th

Joey Trachtman from FOOD NOT BOMBS is again bringing wonderful
healthy vegan food.  We so appreciate Joey for his ongoing support!
The meal will be served at 1 p.m.

Visual artist, author, composer and activist MAXIME GINOLIN 
is visiting from France and will be attending the gathering 
to film ANGEL HANZ.

 ANGEL HANZ will be supplying
Resources, Blankets, Coats, Jackets, Sweaters, Hoodies  
and other cold weather clothes, 
Shoes and Socks for the homeless and  
Pet Food, Leashes, Collars for their animal companions.

Be sure to BRING your ANIMAL COMPANIONS and 
All of our EVENTS begin at 1:00 pm.  It is IMPORTANT to be on TIME!!!

Our monthly gatherings are held at North Hollywood Park.
In case of RAIN, we will meet at the LIBRARY in North Hollywood Park.

11455 Magnolia Blvd. (Library side, near the underpass)
North Hollywood, CA 91601

 We always appreciate additional VOLUNTEERS!!  
Call 818.358.3663 if you would like to help or if you would like more information.

If you can't lend a hand that day, you can donate via PayPal
P.O. BOX 10716, Burbank, CA 91510

We never forget about the animal companions” 

Please visit us on facebook and Like our page

Someone has to save the planet, billions of innocent animals, and humanity from hunger, disease, war, violence, and climate change – and it won’t be the people telling you to eat “humane”, free-range, cage-free, organic, grass-fed “meat”, dairy, fish, and eggs…It WILL be the people attending the Los Angeles area WORLD VEGAN SUMMIT & EXPO…where speakers, thinkers, movers, and shakers will meet to focus advocacy and activism on creating a compassionate, healthy, environmentally-sustainable VEGAN world, with the abolition of all use of other animals for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, and (impossibly unattainable) “humane animal products”.  Join us for speakers, presentations, workshops, socials, music, film, food, and fun!

When: Friday March 20 – Sunday March 22, 2015

Venue: Marina del Rey Marriott • 4100 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292