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Professional Fundraising Letter Which Includes Some Of The Supporters Of This Organization

Non-profit 501(c)3 #3219245 EIN #27-0662923, CT#CT0163829, #V2701
P.O. Box 10716, Burbank, CA 91510 818-358-3663/ 818-859-4893

ANGEL HANZ FOR THE HOMELESS is a non-profit organization appreciating support from the greater community. Contributions will enable ANGEL HANZ to assist the homeless with their immediate and future needs. As ANGEL HANZ has had her own personal experience with homelessness, ANGEL HANZ believes in soul-utions, empowerment and education for the homeless which will enable them to come to a place of healing, comfort and a sense of well being. The Organization provides on a continuous basis whether for an individual or the community. Knowing that resources are a large part of the soul-ution, ANGEL HANZ is the first to publish an original, copyrighted resource guide for the homeless and their pets. Monetary contributions allow ANGEL HANZ to provide much needed assistance to the numerous families, individuals and pets, who are depleted of all resources. ***Angel Hanz is in need of a donated van to transport donated items to those in need. Angel Hanz sees a dire need for additional housing and shelters for the homeless and their pets. To join ANGEL HANZ in this vision, please contact Karen Hamza at the telephone numbers or address below.
Some of those who donate presently are:
Ace Grooming Studio
Altieri Brothers Salon
Anthony Spagano
Aroma Café
BAC-Burbank Athletic Club -Jon
Bill Reimers
Brooke Allen
Burbank Times-Bill
Carter Sexton Artist Materials
Cecilia & Jeff Starin
Cindy Cleighorn
Christina Trinh
Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night
Cobblestone Gifts & Floral Design
C&C Pet Food
Daniel Maus
DEJ Salon
“DJ” Sharehl
Encore Nouvean
Escential Elements-Victoria
Eyeland Optics
In Yoga
Joe Wilson
John & Anne Renzo
Jon Conover
Karen Kory
Karen Smith
Kathleen Venne
Kerry McGrath
Leslie Hedge
Linda Jacobs
Lisa, Adam &Daisy
Mark Siegal
Miami Fitness
Michelle Sathe (pet author)
Peggy Woods Pet Emporium
Mindful Nest
Opas soap-Mercedes
Papa Johns
Pet Mania
Pharmaceutic Litho & Label Co.
Purgatory Pizza
Thelma Riehle

Timothy Knox D.D.S.
Voice of the Foothills- Doc
Voice of the Village- Bob
Yoga Blend
Roselle Azar/ Principal/St Patricks' School
Skin & Body-a private retreat
The Hair Lounge at Chayo Salon
Yummy Cupcakes

Anonymous supporters as well-(New supporters-Belinda E. Rachman/Attorney, Bobby Townsend, Bonnie Landez, Cameron Hamza, Carine & Rica Cortez, Casandra Armour, Cindy Conforti, Clarke Cofield, Daniel Maus, Donna & Richard Canton, Gary Collier, Hal Snelling, Lindsay Hudson, Mary Jane Guerra, Mirta Marconi)
Monetary contributions allow ANGEL HANZ to provide much needed assistance to the numerous families, individuals and pets, who are depleted of all resources.

Pause and Give
To help paws and their owners to live
ANGEL HANZ is doing a BLANKET DRIVE for the homeless.  Please donate any spare blankets (new or gently used) to this organization.  You can either mail your blankets to the address below or call to arrange a pick-up time.  This organization needs a donated van  and a computer.

  All help is greatly appreciated!