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Volunteer Opportunities with Angel Hanz for the Homeless

Angel Hanz for the Homeless has Awesome Volunteers!

These are some of our dedicated volunteers...

… and we always welcome more.  The more volunteers we have, the more we can do for the homeless and their pets. 

Angel Hanz for the Homeless is currently seeking volunteers to help with the following:

Office and computer work – updating the Angel Hanz for the Homeless blog and facebook page; file keeping; preparing informational hand-outs for the homeless; various administrative tasks.

Marketing and Publicity – creating flyers; writing press releases, articles, etc.; networking and getting the word out on Angel Hanz for the Homeless and its important work
Fundraising – developing fundraising programs and materials; soliciting support for the organization; grant writing.

Transportation – picking up donated items from donors; transporting items from storage to events.

Organizing and Staffing Events – organizing donations in storage; preparing items for distribution at events; on-site support at gatherings.

If you have time, connections or creative ideas, please contact Angel Hanz for the Homeless to discuss how you can help!  All support is gratefully appreciated.

P.O. BOX 10716, Burbank, CA 91510
“We never forget about the pets”

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