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Angel has found her forever home!

Thank you for helping Angel.

Angel is a big, sweet, young female dog who was recently rescued from the street by Karen Hamza of Angel Hanz for the Homeless.

Update 2/2/14 - Angel has found her forever home!  Angel has been adopted by a wonderful family.  We are so happy to see Angel starting her new life!

Update 12/8/13 - Angel has a short-term foster!  We are excited that a loving family has taken Angel into their home on a temporary basis.  Angel still needs a forever home or long-term foster.

Update: 12/4/13 - Angel is doing so much better.  She will be a joy for whoever takes her in, whether as a foster or a forever home.  Here are some new pictures:

Here’s her story:

Angel was living on the street and was in terrible shape.  When Karen got the call about this dog in dire need, she immediately headed out to Hansen Dam where Angel had been spotted.  Karen, with the help of Angel Hanz volunteer Eddie and good Samaritan John, spent the day following Angel, trying to get her to come to her, until Angel had no more energy to run and finally collapsed.  Karen loaded Angel into her car and drove her to the vet where she learned that Angel’s collar had grown into her neck, Angel has a broken leg that was never treated, and Angel was underweight, malnourished and had dirt throughout her digestive tract – she had been so hungry that she had been eating dirt!

It was touch and go for a while.  Angel wouldn’t even move for the first few days and the vets weren't sure if she would live, but with love, food, shelter and medical care, Angel is starting to recover. Today, the vets at Blue Cross Pet Hospital tell us they are amazed at her progress!

Now Angel needs a place to stay and funds for future medical care.  Her situation is stable, but she will need to be spayed, and she needs a specialist to evaluate her broken leg.

Please contact Karen at Angel Hanz for the Homeless at 818-358-3663 to apply to foster Angel. 

To help with Angel’s current vet bill, call or visit Blue Cross Pet Hospital,  5505 Tujunga Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91601. Phone: 818.980.1313. 

And please share this post to help Angel get the care she needs.